We had great weather for our Welly walk, it was a sunny frosty morning with lots of frozen puddles and snow covered Tors in the distance. We walked nearly two miles at a leisurely pace for nearly 1¼ hours and finished the morning off with coffee and lots of cake back at the nursery. We intend to do another walk in the summer.

Welcome to our Spring newsletter. It seems so long ago since Christmas. We’re already into our Spring term with only 4 weeks until the half term. The last day of funding is the 15th February 2019. As normal, we are open throughout half term. Funding begins again on Monday 25th February.

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter, we’ve been very busy which is why this is a little late! We’re already into November with the end of term approaching fast! The last day of funding is the 14th December 2018. Our last day before our Christmas shut down is Thursday 20th December at 6pm. We re-open again on Wednesday 2nd January 2019 at 7.30am. Funding starts again on Monday 7th January 2019.

Summer is here!! However, lets prepare for a mini heatwave with sun protection packed in your child’s bag, a sun hat and sun lotion. It’s advisable that you apply sun protection to your child before attending their timed session. Please remember that last year’s sun lotion goes out of date this year and will not protect as well. Please ensure lunch boxes contain a cool pack to keep food cold until midday when we eat.