Funding Term End Date

Please be aware that the Funding Term finishes on Friday 13th December which is a week earlier than most of the local schools. If your child is term time but you would like to book them in for the week ending 20th December, please let us know ASAP.

Telephone fixed

Please be aware that our landline phone was out of order all day on Monday 11th November, it was repaired on Tuesday 12th November at 11:30am. If you called during this down time the line went straight into answer phone, we believe we've picked up all messages now, if we have missed your message, please call again.


Paediatric First Aid Course

Triangle Training (who regularly train our staff) are holding a new course starting on 29th October. If you would like to attend, please call 01822 612222.


Autumn Term Newsletter 2019

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter. I trust you all had a cracking summer and enjoyed your holidays?