Dear Parents/Carers,

The extended entitlement (30 hour funding) for three and four-year-olds is available for eligible families. It is important if you have a child who will be 3 years old before 31st August or if your circumstances have changed, that you apply to HMRC (Childcare Service) now.

Please set-up or visit your Gateway Account immediately to apply or reconfirm. If you are unsure if you are entitled to 30 hours please check the Eligibility Criteria.

It is important that you allow good time as any queries with new applications or reconfirmation could cause delays and any codes issued in September 2019 will not be funded in Autumn Term 2019. Any start dates from 1st September 2019 will not be funded until Spring Term 2020 and only then, if you reconfirm in December.

If you have a code that needs to be reconfirmed, this should also be completed now and if you are unsure, it is your responsibility to log into your Gateway Account and check. If you are newly eligible or are given a new code at reconfirmation, you need to take your 11 digit code to your provider who will complete a verification check and then confirm your funded space.

When eligibility ends, children who have accessed the 30 hours entitlement can continue to access their entitlement in the Grace Period. However, new children, who are 3 before 31st August or start at a new setting, cannot start to use the 30 hour funding in the Grace Period if they are no longer eligible.

As part of the eligibility check with HMRC, you will be asked if you would like to register for Tax Free Childcare. If you do register, your Tax Credits may be stopped and it can take several weeks to reapply for Tax Credits.

If you have problems accessing the system or completing your check please call the HMRC Helpdesk on 0300 1234 097 (your provider and Devon County Council cannot assist with new applications or reconfirmations).

You may be able to access further help with childcare costs. Please visit the Childcare Choices Website.

Debbie & Keith Parriss
Edgemoor Nursery School

We would like to introduce you all to Lucinda, who started working for us on Monday 15th July. She started her level 2 apprenticeship at Tavistock Primary but due to funding she couldn't finish it with them.

We have recently had a larger than normal amount of late collections.

We took the School Room children on a trip to Play Planet and Yelverton Park whilst the new flooring was being laid. Lots of fun was had by all!!