We have recently had a larger than normal amount of late collections.

We understand that these are often because of circumstances beyond your control, but please be aware that this will often result in increased wage costs for us which is why a late fee may be applied to your next invoice. Although I’m thankful the staff are flexible, please be mindful that they do arrange their lives around the nursery closing time of 6:00pm.

Also, a reminder that if you arrive before your booked in start time, we may not be able to let you in, as it may take us over ratio until the rest of the staff arrive for work. Please be mindful of this when you arrive early, we’re not being rude, we are following strict rules laid down by Ofsted.

Un-booked extended sessions and before 8:00am and after 6:00pm will be charged at £6.00 for the first 15 minutes, £10.00 from 16 to 30 minutes, £15.00 from 31 to 45 minutes and £20.00 from 46 to 60 minutes etc. Please be sure to book the hours (in advance) that are required.

Debbie Parriss
Edgemoor Nursery School