Welcome to our Summer newsletter. I hope you are all keeping well and trying to get on with life as much as normal. It is still a peculiar time for us as it must be for you and as soon as we can get back to normal the better.

I’d like to say thank you to all my wonderful staff for coping with the extreme pressures we’ve been put under and to the lovely children, parents and carers that have put a smile on our faces every day. We could not do this job without you all.

As you may be aware the funding finishes at the end of term next Friday (23rd July). Funding begins again on Monday 7th September. We would hope by then to be more back to normal in relation to having all children returned, normal hours resumed and staff back from furlough, but time will tell.

We are trying our best to accommodate everyone’s request for childcare places. We endeavour to do this on a fair basis but at the same time knowing some of you may have returned to work or soon will be but we all still have to be very mindful of controlling the virus. We are constantly following government guidelines daily which is increasing our workload immensely to keep children and staff safe, which in return keeps parents and carers safe.

We do need to take into account the welfare of the staff that have tirelessly worked throughout lockdown, it has had an effect on all of us both physically and mentally. We do want all staff to be fit and raring to go again come September!

If you have not already booked your child in for sessions through the August summer holidays, please let me know ASAP. With staff holidays to cover I will need confirmation or requests about this from EVERY CHILD so I can complete the staff rotas. Phone me at the nursery on 01822 855644 or send a message from our Contact Form. We will endeavour to accommodate as many children as we can in this current time. Please respect our wishes if we cannot accommodate every hour or day you request.

We will be keeping to the hours we have been doing through the lockdown: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8am – 5pm and Thursday, Friday 8am – 4pm. We will still also require you to provide a cold packed lunch and a labelled drinks bottle for your child.

Please do not send your children in with different toys every week, we are busy enough everyday sterilising our toys. It would mean sterilising your child’s toy and naturally air drying before they have a chance to play with it again.

We have been using Tapestry for over two years now, are you able to see your child’s observations? Is there anything we could improve on with it? Do you need any help with it? If so, please email me.

We are very busy in the school room getting the school leavers ready for primary school in September. We will be saying goodbye to our big children Jesse, April, Isaac, Ethan, Arnie, Harry and Owen and will miss them all. We wish them all great success for the future.

Please remember to pack sun cream and sun hats for outside play or for when we go out for a walk around the village or on the moor. Please apply sun cream before arriving at the nursery.

I have created a Facebook page for Edgemoor Nursery and would much appreciate your liking and sharing this page when it pops up on your newsfeed please. You may have seen here we have had another 9 tadpoles turn into frogs and we have been holding them in our hands!

As is always the case, but currently even more relevant, I again need to point out that you can’t send your child in poorly or with a tempreture. This is a very serious time in our lives and we do need to be mindful of not spreading or picking up any viruses.

Please look at our website and feel free to give us any feedback.

From Debbie and the Edgemoor team