Newsletter December 2020

Hope you are all keeping safe, careful and well? I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all as parent/cares with following our increased health standards and restrictions. We know the extra pressure this has put on you when we’ve had to send children home with high temperatures and you all have been so prompt in getting tests done and then sending me the results so quickly and efficiently. You will be glad to know that we have had no positive cases. Thank you again.

We, as a nursery have not become complacent with adhering to government guidelines and strict cleaning and hygiene routines. I would like to thank the Edgemoor team for their continued dedication and support with keeping us all safe. This will certainly be a year we will never forget!

Please don’t forget it’s “Christmas Jumper Day” next week (From Monday 7th December for the entire week). Please don’t buy new jumpers, just upcycle/re-use old jumpers with tinsel, baubles and glitter or anything else you feel would be fun. This is in aid of Save the Children. Please feel free to donate £2 to help raise money and help change the future for children.

We are eagerly working with the children on our Christmas activities, we love this time of year with glitter, glitter and more glitter!!!
Sadly, we won’t be doing a Christmas party this year and I had hoped to do a Christmas Grotto but I feel for safety reasons, it is best not to do this.
Instead we will celebrate Christmas by lots of (more than usual) Christmas themed activities and games with prizes, chocolate and fun!! Your child will be bringing home a bag full of their Christmas artwork for you, a gift for them and bits and pieces for parent/cares too!

Staff Promotion I have made the decision to make Miss Charlotte room leader of the baby/toddler room. Charlotte has great organising skills and gets jobs done quickly and efficiently. Her childcare skills are marvellous.

Our two new staff Lucy and Philippa have settled in well and have now taken on roles as keyworkers. Lucy works in the school room with myself (Debbie, Owner, Manager and SENDCO), Helen (Deputy Manager, caring and thoughtful), Steph (a whizz with computers and adult led activities) and Louise (who also works in the baby/toddler room, she wears many hats).

Philippa works in the baby/toddler room with Charlotte (newly appointed room leader), Donna (fantastic at promoting stretched learning and next steps for the children in her care) and Louise.

Also, not forgetting Jess who will be returning in January 2021 from her maternity leave.

Just a reminder, we will be closing for Christmas on Friday the 18th December at 5pm and re-opening at 8am on Monday 4th January 2021. Unusually, these dates tie in with the funding terms as well.

Important Please, please don’t let your children run off when being collected from the back gate. Delivery drivers for the other business units are more focused on getting their goods delivered than looking out for pedestrians and the darker evenings now make it more important to keep vigilant.

Please, please if you send your child in wearing wellies, could you please pack them up with a pair of shoes or slippers to change into once inside the nursery.
Also, please be mindful that doors and windows have to be kept open for ventilation due to the pandemic which is now making the building a lot cooler. Please be sure to dress your child with an extra layer and a spare jumper in their bag. Don’t worry, we make sure they are always cosy and warm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, Helen or Charlotte by phone 01822 855644 or use the message form.

Keep safe
From Debbie and the Edgemoor team