Hello parents/carers,

I really can’t believe we’re into May so quickly. I truly hope you’re all keeping well and you all had a restful Bank Holiday weekend.

This may be my last newsletter to you all, as it looks like we are all set to complete our nursery sale sometime during this next week.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your children and our amazing staff for the last nine years of support, care, tears and laughter but most of all, enjoying Edgemoor as much as we have.

I will take away so many, many fond memories of Edgemoor, including when both our girls attended when they were little, so our association goes back 13 years in total. They will be 16 and 12 this year!!

Sarah Russell will soon be your next port of call, along with our amazing staff who you know so well already. I will let you all know Sarah’s details on the day we complete. Keith and I wish her all the success in the world at Edgemoor which is now in its 30th year.

However, for the moment, it’s still me, so please continue to email me with any questions, queries, or anything else that springs to mind. Thank you all again for our 8½ years of caring for all your lovely children. Keep safe and well and please, please, continue to enjoy Edgemoor like it is family. We will continue to live in Horrabridge, so will no doubt bump into some of you from time to time.

We have taken Lucinda back on as a member of our bank staff, she used to work for us up until 18 months ago. She has moved back to the area and is keen to get back into childcare.

It is supposed to be warming up, so we would like you to pack sunscreen protection and sunhats for your children to be able to go on walks across the moors or to play in the garden. This is to protect your child’s skin from sunburn and skin damage. If you don’t pack sunscreen for your child, it will limit their time allowed outside to play.

We have a child that has developed a nut allergy. We will now be making Edgemoor a Nut Free Zone but only on FRIDAY’S, as this is the only day they attend.

I’d like to point out that I have been very lenient when it comes to early drop offs and late pickups but I need to let you this can’t continue and to tell you that charges will have to be added to invoices to cover this. The reason is, it’s affecting staff ratio, which has at times put us over with the child/adult ratio and incurring costs to pay staff to start their working day earlier or finish their day later. This is not alleviated by you handing your child over laughing and saying “oops, I’m early again” and walking off or staff just waiting for you to arrive to pick up your child before they go home to their own families. This does put our staff in a very awkward, uncomfortable position. If you are struggling with times, please phone or email to reschedule them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, Helen or charlotte by phone 01822 855644 or send a message through the Contact Form.

Keep safe and careful

From Debbie, Keith, Helen, Charlotte, Steph, Louise, Lucy, Millie and Danni