Power out

I've just been up to the nursery and I'm pleased to say the power supply has been restored, so everything is back to normal for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

 Updated 19:45 Sunday 20th February.

As you are aware, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all children from birth. As a requirement for this, we have to demonstrate how children make a progression through the stages of development whilst they are with us, and show how we, alongside the children, plan for activities and ideas that will stretch their learning, development and imaginations.

We have some forms you may need to fill in and return to the nursery for you to download.

Terms and Conditions

The History of Edgemoor Nursery 

23rd September 1992, the founder Hilary Wollard opened the door of Edgemoor nursery for the very first time. There were five children and two members of staff with a strong desire to provide the best environment for small people to grow, learn and develop in, to the best they could be. She used the principles of Maria Montessori. As the business grew she employed only the best NNEB staff she could find. One member of staff that Hilary employed remains today. Nursery Deputy Manager Helen Kendall.