The History of Edgemoor Nursery 

23rd September 1992, the founder Hilary Wollard opened the door of Edgemoor nursery for the very first time. There were five children and two members of staff with a strong desire to provide the best environment for small people to grow, learn and develop in, to the best they could be. She used the principles of Maria Montessori. As the business grew she employed only the best NNEB staff she could find. One member of staff that Hilary employed remains today. Nursery Deputy Manager Helen Kendall.

In 2005 Hilary sold the nursery to Karan Horsley who successfully ran the nursery for eight years. On Friday 29th November 2013 Karan sold the nursery to myself, Debbie Parriss and my husband Keith.

Edgemoor nursery's approach to childcare uses the principles of Maria Montessori. We believe that the intellectual, physical and social development level of the child is not necessarily at any specific age. At Edgemoor we strive to set standards for learning and development and care of young children. We believe, deliver and build on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The overall aim of the EYFS is to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters outcome of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic wellbeing.

Key person and your child

Edgemoor uses a key person approach. This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom he/she is particularly responsible. Initially when your child starts at Edgemoor Nursery your child's key person will be the person with you and your child to make sure that what we provide is right for your child’s particular needs and interests.
The named key worker assigned to your child will support them in their development and will be the key point of contact with the individual child's parents.
Learning and development is carefully planned around the individual’s needs and interests. This is informed by using ongoing observational assessments which is then recorded in their own personal file.

What Edgemoor Nursery Provides

Edgemoor provides a quiet calm atmosphere where your child can develop thoughts and ideas. We have child sized furniture and equipment accessible to them at all times.
We still use Montessori equipment and materials, together with a selection of traditional equipment, to stimulate and develop the child in all areas of intellectual, physical and social growth. When a child takes out a piece of equipment they have the right to pursue that activity without interference from other children until they've finished. When finished the child returns the equipment to the shelf in a tidy, complete state ready for the next person to use – a good theory – we try! Two or more children, with the invitation of the original user of the equipment, can use the same equipment.
We expect the children to be kind and considerate to other people – smaller or bigger – older or younger!
We understand that everyone has an "off" day but generally we find that the children enjoy helping one another and being appreciated for it.
The staff at Edgemoor Nursery will actively encourage a child to discover and pursue their interests.
At every session all equipment and activities are available so that a child can explore a specific area and develop on its uses and continue with their own knowledge and development.
We provide lots of work on paper and card for your child, such as painting, drawing, glueing and cutting with scissors. We also do a lot of model making using clean recycled items.
We also provide your child with their own coat hook and work tray/basket. Please feel free to take their artwork home with you when you collect them.

What is available at Edgemoor Nursery?

We offer quality childcare for a maximum of:-
Six (0-2) years
Six (2-3) years
Fourteen (3-5) years pre-schoolers per session
We have a total of four rooms – two used by babies and toddlers, two used for the 3-5 nursery school children. Each room is equipped with appropriate equipment and materials for the development level of the children.

Outside we have a garden area with an astroturf safety surface. There is a climbing frame with a slide, tyres, rocking and riding toys. We also have planting pots where we grow our own flowers and vegetables. We use the garden all year round so we ask that appropriate clothing and wellies are brought along with your child each session so they are able to enjoy the outside area whatever the weather.

We have child size toilets to allow each child the opportunity to become independent early – potty training is undertaken in co-operation with the child’s ability and the parents’ wishes. Please supply spare clothes for when accidents happen.

We accept corporate vouchers and government nursery funding.

We supply mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks of milk, water or juice, with fruit or a biscuit. If your child has a dietary requirement you may wish to supply a different snack. Also on the front desk there is a fruit basket for you if you wish to make a contribution of fruit for all the children to share at snack time.

Lunchtime is from midday to 1:00pm and the children and staff eat together. This is an ideal opportunity to develop social skills – learning to deal with tablecloths, to negotiate food and to talk with friends. We serve the food from their lunch boxes onto plates and serve them a course at a time. A typical lunch box is packed with something savoury, fruit and yoghurt. Whatever you prefer your child to eat – we encourage the children to eat, but we never insist if they don't want it. However we never allow the child to eat dessert if they haven't at least attempted to eat the savoury items. We supply water or juice at lunchtime. We have a microwave oven to heat pre-cooked meals. Please send meals that need heating on or in a microwavable plate or container.
We have tea at approximately 4:00pm each afternoon. We serve a high tea like sandwiches, crumpets or soup, followed by fresh or dried fruit or yoghurt.

Any child that needs a nap during the day can either do so in one of our beds or cots. We supply sheets and blankets which are laundered in a non-bio detergent. If your child regularly has a comfort blanket and wishes to bring it to nursery, they are welcome to do so.

Baby Room

Babies are in their cots only when sleeping. We encourage babies to develop at their own pace while giving them the opportunity to sleep, exercise and hear lots of language as their needs dictate. We will continue your baby’s routine as established at home where requested by you. There will be daily opportunities for you to discuss your child’s day with us each morning and when you collect your child. Each baby/toddler is also provided with a personal daily diary. This is used as an additional way of communication between home and nursery.

Please supply nappies, (we recommend 4-5 a day, depending on the hours your child is at the nursery). Spare outfits and vests and the food you would like your baby to eat during his/her stay with us. Edgemoor can warm baby food and bottles and our microwave oven can heat their food. We use terry nappies or disposable nappies according to your wishes. Nappies are changed before sleep and on waking and approximately every 2½ hours throughout the day – a soiled nappy is changed immediately. Bibs are changed as soon as they become wet. Please supply plenty when your baby is dribbling or teething, we want to keep your babies neck dry.

The Toddler Room

The toddler room has a book corner, many types of building blocks, puzzles, games and art materials. Here the children can learn language, colours, shapes, mobility skills such as crawling, walking and dancing etc. Also social skills such as caring for and co-operating with other people. The Toddler Room is known for lots of laughter, talking and singing.
Please dress children in comfortable easily washed clothes. We would like all children to be free to participate in all activities without fear of spoiling their outfits.
During warm weather the babies and toddlers will be encouraged to play barefoot. In cooler weather please supply soft shoes or slippers for indoor play.

3-5 Years Nursery School

Children aged 3-5 years who are at Edgemoor for day care will automatically be included in the nursery school session. All of our terms start on a Monday and finish on a Friday.
We do offer children to be in term time only.
Each term has a project theme, details of which will be in our newsletter. A typical morning routine is posted on the notice board in the school room.
Children aged 3-5 years are encouraged to develop social personal skills e.g. toileting, dressing, enjoying the company of their peers and adults in an appropriate manner. Cognitive development using numbers, letters, language, shape, colour etc. Physical development through dance and aerobics. Fine and gross motor skills etc. Using a range of equipment inside and outside of the nursery.
Creative tenderises are encouraged with a range of materials including paints, crayons, chalks, model making using junk items, lashings of glue, sellotape, paper and card. Children have opportunities to mix their own colours. We use a wide range of Montessori materials and equipment to promote learning opportunities.


All the staff at Edgemoor Nursery are qualified with NNEB or B.Tec Diplomas They spend all their time at nursery caring for and educating the children. Each year we have a work experience student who is always under constant supervision from a trained staff member and is not counted as staff.

Our staff ratios are:
2 staff members to maximum 14 3-5 year old children
4 staff members to maximum 12 under 3 year old children

The nursery manager and the Proprietor meet each week to discuss the organisation and polices of Edgemoor. Either one or both will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns that you may have – please request a meeting and we will do our utmost to be available as soon as possible.

All the staff and the Proprietor know the names of the children. We believe that this personal approach helps the children to feel secure and safe and produces an environment where the children can grow and develop in the comfort of familiar and consistent adults.

We produce a newsletter each term to keep our parents as informed as possible about our “doings”. If you belong to a local group and wish to inform people of any special events, please let us know – appropriate events can be included in our newsletter.


Collection of children:

Please complete a “who can collect me” form as soon as your child starts at Edgemoor. These forms give us permission to allow your child to be collected by the people named. In case of any emergency, when nobody listed on the “who can collect me” form is available, we require the person collecting your child to give us a password which you have previously given to Edgemoor. We do not allow anyone other than those identified by you to take children away from our premises. We will check with you – using the contact telephone number on the form in the event that an unauthorised person tries to collect your child. It is of utmost importance that you advise us immediately should your contact number change. Photographs of the Edgemoor staff are displayed in the lobby at the nursery. Only the staff identified are authorised to take charge of your child at nursery.

The door entry system is there to protect the children and staff from unwanted access of unidentified persons. Please be patient with us if you sometimes have to wait a few minutes while staff check identities – it is for the best interests of the children.