Terms and Conditions

1. A registration fee of £30 for each child in the family is payable when the booking is made. This is a non-refundable administrative charge.
2. Payment is due on the first day of attendance to the end of that month and thereafter on the first day of each month. A 10% surcharge will be made on any unpaid bill after the 10th of the month. Any outstanding fees on the last day of the month will carry a 15% surcharge and this sum will be added to the following month’s account. Invoices will either be sent by email, post or be available for collection at the nursery from the 1st of the month.
3. For permanently booked children you will pay full day care rates, for the funded hours policy, please refer to number 25.
4. For term time children you can choose when to use funded sessions. These must be arranged at the beginning of each term. Any additional sessions will be charged at our day care rates as published on our Price List.
5. Un-booked extended sessions and before 8:00am and after 6:00pm will be charged at £6.00 for the first 15 minutes, £10.00 from 16 to 30 minutes, £15.00 from 31 to 45 minutes and £20.00 from 46 to 60 minutes etc. Please be sure to book the hours (in advance) that are required.
6. Two weeks holiday period per year is not charged for permanently booked children. (If full time, then 10 working days, if 2 days weekly, then 4 working days etc). These holidays apply only after a 10-month period of permanently booked places being used.
7. Children using term time only sessions are not eligible for free holiday days.
8. One week’s sickness period per year will be refunded at 50% of the fee paid for permanently booked in children. (If full time, then 5 working days, if 2 days weekly, then 2 working days etc). These refunds will apply only after a 10-month period of permanently booked places being used. The credit will be applied to the following month’s invoice.
9. All booked sessions must be paid for in advance; there will be NO refund on unused sessions.
10. Booked places will be charged at full rate for the session.
11. “Drop in” arrangements are made on an “available space” understanding. If regular booked places make the session full then “drop in” places would not be available. Please ask as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment. Note that booked places are charged at full rate whether used or not.
12. For occasional or drop in sessions payment will be due on the day of attendance in advance and the registration fee will apply.
13. No child will be allowed to attend the nursery unless we have at nursery a completed and signed (by the parent/carer or guardian) Registration Form and Initial Assessment Form.
14. In the event of an emergency, we will try all your contact numbers then call the doctor listed on your Registration Form. If it is necessary to take the child to hospital we will arrange for the speediest and safest way for the child to receive treatment.
15. Government Funded children who do not attend their booked sessions in nursery school could lose their funding as OFSTED have the authority to audit the attendance of children and the power to withdraw the Government Funding for non-attendance. If funding is withdrawn the lost fees will be required to be paid by the family.
16. Returned cheques are charged at £45 per re-presentation to the bank.
17. Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year are not charged and the centre is closed.
18. Children with special educational needs are welcomed into Edgemoor provided we can offer them a safe, stimulating environment according to their needs. A full SEN (Special Educational Needs) policy is available.
19. We work with the Children’s Centre Tavistock and other agencies to provide an environment and attention appropriate to the needs of the children.
20. Children will not be released to unauthorised people but only those who are listed on the child’s “Who can collect me” form.
21. In the event that a child becomes sick during the day the nursery will call the contact number given on the Registration Form to arrange for the child to be taken from the nursery. Please ensure that the nursery is notified if the contact number has changed. If a child is on antibiotics they cannot return to nursery for 48 hours from the start of the treatment.
22. Edgemoor requires at least one months’ notice to terminate a booking or one months’ payment in lieu of notice.
23. Parents should supply nappies sufficient for the day and a change of clothes. Please supply several bibs for teething babies. The nursery will supply nappies if none are provided, at a charge of 50p per nappy.
24. Please label all items brought to the nursery. We try to identify your possessions but sometimes we have identical items from different families and unmarked items can cause confusion. We will always try to return unmarked items to the correct family, but we cannot accept responsibility for them.
25. Funded Hours

Funded hours can be used every day we are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm. All hours booked from 8:00am to 9:00am will be charged at our hourly rate, breakfast club (7:30am to 8:00am) will be charged at our Breakfast rate. All hours booked from 4:00pm to 6:00pm will be charged at our hourly rate.
The funded hours can only be used in term time.
We will supply breakfast, mid-morning snack and high tea at 4:00pm free of charge.
This policy applies to all funded children regardless of total number of hours used.
Funded hours can be split between more than one provider, but we will need to know the details of the other provider and hours being used there.
For those that are booked in outside of our funded times or who go over the 30 hours we will charge at our hourly rate.
All sessions must be booked in advance and we will require one months’ notice to change any hours.
If holidays are taken during term time these hours cannot be redeemed at a later date, they will be lost. The same applies for any sickness.
Bank Holiday hours will not be claimed by us so will be treated as days off.
For non-term time sessions, our standard daily session rates will apply.

Edgemoor Nursery School & Day-care Centre February 2021