Power out

I've just been up to the nursery and I'm pleased to say the power supply has been restored, so everything is back to normal for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

 Updated 19:45 Sunday 20th February.

When adverse weather hits us, this page will be your first point of call to see what is likely to be happening with Nursery opening for that morning. Expect an update here somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00am. If staff manage to get to the nursery by the normal opening time of 7:30am, they can be contacted there (01822 855644). This page will still continue to be updated throughout the morning.


Adverse weather policy

If bad weather (snow, flood, strong winds etc.) affects the nursery we may have to make the decision to close. We will endeavour to remain open. However, the health and safety of children, carers and staff is our priority so in the event of nursery closure the following will occur.

  • The decision to close will be made as soon as possible and may be made first thing on the morning of bad weather
  • Parents of children due to attend sessions on the day of bad weather will be contacted by the nursery owner via parent/home contact details on record (either by phone or email).
  • All the above announcements will be in place from 6:30am. Parents are encouraged to email the nursery if they have not been contacted use the Contact Form.
  • The announcements will change as and when the situation changes.

Reopening the nursery

The nursery owner will decide whether the nursery will open based on the following:

  • The nursery will be warm
  • Staff must be able to get to and from the nursery
  • Roads must be safe to travel on
  • The staff ratio is maintained as set out on the OFSTED registration certificate

Limited service

If the nursery opens in adverse weather conditions a limited service may be offered. Due to limited staffing, we will try to have as many staff at the nursery as possible when the situation occurs.

The nursery will work to ratios set down in the registration requirements. It is not always easy to prioritise spaces, so please let us know as soon as possible if you feel that your session is not necessary and we may be able to offer alternative sessions.

Nursery closures and fees

If the nursery must close, and the closure exceeds 3 days (of usual business days). We will credit you with an amount that represents the number is closed for in excess of 3 days. The credit will be added to your next invoice.